About Us

Ruth and Marcel tell their story.

Once upon a time, a New Zealand woman met a Quebec man at the water's edge. They fell in love.

For a few years, they traveled a lot between New Zealand and Quebec to be together. One day, the New Zealander made Quebec her adopted home. She liked it there, but she missed the sea, so one spring she asked her Quebecer: "Take me to the sea". Wanting the best for her, the Quebecer took her to Newfoundland. They fell in love again, with Newfoundland.

For a few months, they traveled extensively between Newfoundland and Quebec to spend time together on the Rock1. It wasn't long before they wanted a pied-à-terre in their adopted land and bought a house on the waterfront. A loop had just been completed.

They'd like to settle there someday, so they could follow moose tracks in the snow in the winter, whales on the sea in the summer and Newfoundlanders at the pub the rest of the time. On that day, the New Zealander turned New Canadian will be New Newfoundlander, and the Quebecer will be, well, a Quebecer.

In the meantime, they are happy to offer their home to people who share their interest in travel and adventure and who are not afraid to fall in love.

1Newfoundland is often referred to as "the Rock" because the place is rocky to say the least.